Engineering infographic design

This engineering infographic design helped a global company articulate the strategy for one of their divisions.


A global supplier of highly specialised engineered solutions approached us to help them articulate the strategy for their Food and Beverage division. The company, which operates in over 35 countries and turns over sales in 150, had gone through a period of strategic growth, acquisitions and reorganisation of key markets.


These major changes drove them to address their employee communications to guarantee the division felt and worked as one. Our client needed to present their new strategic direction in an interesting and dynamic way to ensure understanding across all global locations.


We condensed vast amounts of information into a motivational infographic. The piece helped everyone get a clear vision of the strategy, guaranteeing integration and consistency of message across the board.

The engineering infographic design, and its translations into 9 languages, served as the basis for education sessions delivered by senior managers, where they walked their teams through the new structure and strategy.infographic design

Our client supplied the information as a 16-page guide. Working closely with them, we made sure we understood their vision. We then presented suggestions and identified the key areas the infographic design had to focus on.

We took on board their brand and pushed it further. We added an element of fun to the structure and visual style including the informal and fresh feel of the illustrations, and script-like font. The friendly and approachable look and feel played on the idea of familiarity, helping reinforce the concept of a global company with local knowledge, working as one.

We divided the content into an easy to follow structure – history, then strategy, culminating in the company’s vision for the future, a clear call to action inspiring change.

Our client felt that the impactful infographic design played a key part in helping the audience understand their strategy and everyone’s role in delivering it.


HR infographic design

HR Infographic design

Employee absenteeism is costly for growing businesses. As a design agency with over 20 years' experience, we helped HRonline demonstrate the scope of the problem with a bold and playful infographic that informed HR managers and increased engagement with their sales team.



Infographic content

Infographic content

Deloitte asked our content creation team to develop a high impact piece that would help them reinforce employee engagement and communications around their infrastructure services team in the UK. We produced an infographic design that turned data into a positive and engaging story.



Medical infographic design

Medical infographic design

AstraZeneca asked our creative team to produce an infographic that would help them communicate the process of the path to a new medicine.