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Medical launch collateral design

Medical launch collateral design

We delivered a unique and effective medical launch collateral design that helped H&T Presspart make an impact at a key pharma conference.


H&T Presspart is the leading global manufacturer of metered dose-inhalers and respiratory drug delivery components. In partnership with Hovione Technology and mainly focusing on the needs of asthma/COPD patients in developing countries, our client was launching their new dry powder inhaler – PowdAir Plus. With only four components and made entirely of plastic, the new device is cost-effective and easy to use.


With the name already decided, our client needed an impactful and effective way to launch the new product at one of the key pharma conferences in the calendar.


After a brand workshop with the client which helped us establish their objectives, we developed a medical launch collateral design that helped the company present themselves as innovative leaders in their field and highlighted the simplicity and ease of their product.

First off, it was the new brand identity. We had recently developed a new identity for H&T Presspart’s eMDI device, so we were careful to guarantee the distinctiveness of each brand and still maintain a degree of consistency to transmit that both devices belong to the same product family. We achieved this by using the same colour palette and font family.

With one of the device’s key selling points being its simplicity, we focused on this to develop the brand. We anchored the product name using very simple typography, and by really dialling down the shape of the device to its basic structure, we ended up with a very unique icon, contributing to making the brand and the product’s simplicity stick in the mind of the audience.

But this was only the first stage. As well as the brand, we developed a product video, a 3D sales demo, sales collateral and exhibition materials.

An oversized 3D product demo gave our client’s sales team an interesting, playful and hands-on way to demonstrate the simplicity in design and use of the new PowdAir Plus.

The 3D model we created, which included two sample capsules, was 10 times the size of the original inhaler and fully functional. To ensure durability throughout the event season, we used high quality molded plastic, resin and clear Perspex, and supplied it to our client in a tailor-made flight case.

As part of the medical launch collateral design, we also delivered a short and compelling video animation. Quickly transitioning from 2D visuals to a 3D animation, the video also focuses on the simplicity of use of the product as its USP. Utilising mechanical CAD drawings provided by the client, we created a storyboard with a unique visual style. In just over a minute, the animation helps viewers familiarise themselves with the design, construction, functionality, usage and drug delivery method.

As the animation progresses, viewers are introduced to branding and various colour customisation options, as well as detailed X-ray footage of the drug delivery.Medical launch collateral design

An animated patient, rather than live video, was selected to provide clear visuals of product usage.


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