Dan Kendrew

Account Director

“Good design is what really gets me excited. Oh, and the 80s”

With experience both agency and client side, freelancing or full time, I’ve worked on a huge variety of disciplines, including what I enjoy most: corporate identity and branding projects, and campaign work.

My over 15 years in the business have given me the opportunity to work on B2C and B2B projects in a wide range of sectors: Automotive, Healthcare, Financial and Professional Services, Construction, Travel, Retail, and the public sector, to name but a few.

My business degree (specialising in marketing) provided a great platform for my career, but I soon realised that what really gets me excited is good design. I love well thought-out, simple design. Whether it’s a corporate brochure, a car, a fine example of good architecture, or a great invention, I really appreciate good design, regardless of industry or purpose. Here at Parker Design I look forward to helping existing and new clients and supporting the agency to reach our growth targets, and more.

Outside the office you’ll find me… outside! Golf and travelling are two of my passions, and if I can combine the two then even better! I also love football (Man Utd fan!) and being out in the garden – there’s no better way to unwind after a busy day at work than mowing the lawn or pottering in the garden. I’ve recently started horse riding lessons, and so far so good. Having said that, I don’t always have to be active – one of the things I love the most is relaxing by the pool on holiday, just enjoying the sun. I’m also a huge fan of all things 80s: especially the music and movies. The decade provided some memorable creative material too, honest!