Dominique Bartram

Design Director

“I really enjoy branding. I relish the challenge of getting across a company’s ethos, their look and feel in a unique symbol.”

I was first influenced by skateboard branding. I got into a brand called Stussy: their logo is very simple, but incredibly effective. A couple of mates and I set up a small clothing company and sold products at events and in skate shops. The whole visual culture surrounding skateboarding is what got me into design in the first place.

I began my formal journey as a graphic designer at university in Stoke, studying for a BA Hons. in Graphic Design. I was given a fairly free rein and the lecturers there were brilliant and helped me to work on big projects and get practical advice on honing my skills. During my time at university I was featured in the D&AD annual, which represents the global creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity, which was a real honour for me.

After receiving a first class honours degree, I moved to Manchester working for various graphic design agencies, where I gained loads of valuable experience.

At Parker Design, I’m very proud of the Star branding project and the fresh, modern logo design and branding I came up with. The client loved it!  I’m also thrilled with my work on the Go Create branding, which not only looked great, but got the people of Liverpool involved in producing artwork for the Capital of Culture celebrations. It was great to see it all over Liverpool!

Mountain biking and road cycling are my main hobbies, while I also enjoy modding my car to make it more personalised, I don’t like things that are the norm. Why buy off the shelf when you can have something original?

My daughter takes up a lot of my spare time; it’s all good fun. The most rewarding thing ever was teaching her to read.