Financial Controller

At school, I was not at all creative. In fact my teachers’ reports for the art lessons concentrated markedly on my approach to the lessons, rather than on my actual abilities in the subject. Considering that I can’t draw for toffee, I suppose it’s strange to find myself in such a creative environment now. So, from a young age, it was clear that my academic talents lay elsewhere, which led me to study for a degree in Accounting, and after further studies, to then qualify as an accountant.

I have worked for over 20 years now, in both practice and industry, I can still say that I enjoy producing meaningful analyses of the financial health of companies, and helping make sense of the day to day. As an accountant, in the engine room of a business, you are able to see all aspects of a business, which makes the job so rewarding.

I arrived at Parker Design Consultants and witnessed immediately the welcoming environment and friendly team. We have offices to be proud of and a support structure that ensures people not only give their best, but take pride in producing work of the highest standard.

The design agency business is a busy and dynamic one, and this design agency is most definitely a happy place to work!