Isabel Cannon

Junior Graphic Designer

I like to take a step back and enjoy combinations of colour, shapes, structures and textures. Oh, and I have 76 different types of plants at home!”

I grew up surrounded by the beautiful natural landscape of the Lake District, in a very creative family. My parents both paint, Mum in watercolour and Dad in acrylic, and my sister creates life-like sketches. As a child I’d be drawing and painting my surroundings – trees, mountains, patterns in nature – so perhaps it was almost inevitable that I would end up in a creative profession.

At 14 years old I decided to choose my GCSEs based on which subjects I enjoyed and was passionate about, hoping that decision would lead to do A Levels I would enjoy… in turn hoping I’d be able to choose a degree I’d enjoy… to hopefully end up with a job I enjoy, and so far so good, thanks Parker!

Since joining Parker straight after graduation, I’ve worked on all sorts of exciting projects – branding, animation storyboards, poster, illustrations, infographic, proposals, e-cards, logos – and for clients such as AstraZeneca, Sage, United Utilities, Eurocentres and Presspart. I’ve also been involved in some really interesting internal work to help promote the agency. And I love the atmosphere here. It’s energetic, lively and friendly but not frantic with lots of unnecessary distractions around you. It’s also been great to see how some of my senior designer colleagues actually started at Parker right after graduation like me, so I’m really looking forward to what the future may bring.

As a designer, I enjoy putting theory into practice, and then see what results I achieve. I enjoy getting involved in new things, and I particularly like spending time on detail-oriented stuff. I like to take a step back and enjoy the resulting combination of colour, shapes, structures and textures.

On the subject of structures and textures, I really enjoy architecture and photography. For me it feels like they come hand in hand. Photography has also helped me understand how layouts work, so I tend to favour editorial work, where order and structure help thread the story. I also enjoy taking photos of people, capturing some traits or moments they may not be aware of otherwise.

Nature comes with me wherever I go: when I moved to Manchester I started accumulating house plants. So far I’m on 76 different types, and counting! And when I’m not designing, taking photos or looking after my plants, you may find me in Chamonix, where I’ve been going with my family since I was 6 years old, enjoying the sun in summer, skiing in winter, and always practising my French.