James Harwood


“I’m a little crazy, but hopefully it doesn’t show too often!”

I’m an organiser. Pens in the right place. Cables tidied up nicely behind my Mac. Lists written in black and ticked off in red. Medically I would probably say I’m a little crazy. Hopefully this doesn’t show too often and it’s something that our clients can rely on. The organisation that is. Not the craziness.

Many moons ago I studied publishing at Loughborough University and have since held roles in brand, vehicle livery and packaging design. These roles were all client side and throughout I knew that I belonged in an agency.

I’ve been at Parker Design for just over 3 years now and it’s easily been the place where I feel most at home. I worked at Bargain Booze when I was 18 so that takes some beating.

Being Producer means I get lots of hands-on experience with a wide variety of projects, types of work and lots of lovely clients. It’s a great role because it gives me a great balance of meeting new people and getting stuck in with the project management side of things.

I would probably consider myself as a distraction in the office. I do tend to talk a hell of a lot. Mainly about my unfortunate scrapes with brain surgery… can you tell I’m teeing up a shameless plug?

I’ll skip the sob story but 2016 is the year for fundraising for The Brain Tumour Charity. 14 of my colleagues and I will be riding 210 miles from London to Cheshire in September over 3 days. Then at the end of October I’m travelling to Peru to walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. It’s going to be 7-10 hours of trekking for 10 days and I’ll reach an altitude of 13,828ft. My Mother, consultant and doctor aren’t best pleased but I’m feeling pretty confident.

If you would like to help us try and reach our fundraising target I would be eternally grateful. The charity relies solely on donations and will go a hell of a long way in helping people more unfortunate than myself.

You can donate here. Thank you

If you don’t have a nervous disposition, aren’t easily offended and don’t mind foul language (!), then you might find my personal blog a bit of fun. It goes back to 2013 when my brain troubles started and gets updated sporadically. I must say that my views almost certainly don’t reflect that of Parker Design… at all. Seriously, they don’t. You’ve been warned.

In summary…

I Love: Hip Hop, country pubs, Alan Partridge, Christian Bale (not like that) and Trivial Pursuit.

I Dislike: Noel Edmonds, Michael McIntyre, The Kardashians and 99.999% of ITV programmes.

I Hate: Brain Tumours and Noel Edmonds, again.