Matty Davis

Graphic Designer

“I see what they did there!”

From as long as I can remember I have always been a creative individual, at school I had a passion for art and the sciences, and I believe this is why I have come to be a graphic designer, after all, design is sort of a science. I love the mixture of creativity, logical thinking, problem solving, learning and understanding, I love the challenge, the variety and the breadth.

Coming to the end of university, I began to become more and more attached to branding and advertising. I love how the two can fall hand in hand, using a brand’s tone of voice to sell themselves, or their product. I love the fun you can have, being witty in your way of thinking, creating something where someone can chuckle to themselves and says “I see what they did there”.

Studying at the University of Chester, it was during my final degree show where I exhibited my final major project. I bumped into someone looking through my work, we got talking and after a bit of friendly chit-chat he then left me with a business card. It was a bright red business card and on it was a white logo that said, Parker Design. A few months down the line, here I am. Talk about a great place to start!

Oh and I forgot to mention – Thanks Sam! I wouldn’t be working here today if you didn’t leave me that bright red card!