Neil Sandbach

Senior Designer & Developer

“I have always enjoyed taxing both halves of my brain, that is, exploring artistic and creative processes and also logical problem solving.”

Not wanting to give either of these up, becoming a web designer and developer seemed like a natural choice.

For the past eighteen years, I have been working with digital design, drawing inspiration from classic graphic designers such as Josef Müller-Brockmann, Designers Republic and Peter Saville. At the same time, I ensure I follow the latest trends, technologies and thoughts on online user experience.

The most time consuming aspect to most projects is that last 10%. Adding the final tweaks and polish to make a good design great is very satisfying. Working within web design allows me to bring certain digital designs to life, perhaps adding something subtle yet unexpected, for example a touch of animation.

After working for many years as a designer and interactive developer within the vibrant city of Leeds, in 2011 I chose to swap the urban envionment for the lush Cheshire plains, returning to my roots. I was over the moon to join the Parker Design team immediately following my move. There is a very creative and professional culture here, together with that unmistakable northern humour!

When I’m not designing, I am a keen runner, pleased to be an early member of the Delamere Spartans who make their speedy way through the hills and forests in any weather all year round. Mounatin biking is also now on my list hobbies, thanks to our keen Parker Design weekly post-work bike rides.

I have a love of photography and my own photos can be seen on 500pxInstagram and Flickr.

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