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Oakmere Leaflet Graphic Design Cheshire UK

Leaflet graphic design

Our approach to the Oakmere Lodge leaflet informs the audience of essential facts and details the benefits of buying a property in the park. The leaflet graphic design reflects the contemporary style of the park using a layout and written style that engages with the target audience. View case study…


Flyer designs

The flyers design for Brunswick Parade in Crosby is an update of road closures and work schedules. United Utilities pride themselves on having an excellent relationship with the public. View case study…


Flyer design

If you are a Portuguese wine lover, or simply want to find out more about the fantastic range of wines, then the Vini Portugal wine tasting event was the right place to be. View case study…


Leaflet design

In order to stay in touch with residents in the local area, United Utilities ask our creative team at Parker Design to produce engaging and informative leaflet design to distribute to local households. View case study…


Map design

As part of the infrastructure maintenance works that United Utilities undertake, a vital part of this is Map design. This enables United Utilities to convey vital information regarding safety, transportation disruption and areas that will be improved by updating the existing sewer system. View case study…


Leaflets design

Staying in touch with residents local to their infrastructure maintenance programmes is vital to the success of the United Utilities projects. The company prides itself on ensuring that locals are made aware of the works which are being undertaken and the potential areas for disruption to their day to day lives. View case study…


Map making

A large part of the design work we do for United Utilities' infrastructure maintenance programme involves map making. The company are highly focused on communicating clearly with the households and businesses surrounding their essential maintenance works. View case study…


Flyer design

As part of their ongoing public relations and communications work, United Utilities asked us to create a flyer design for Cob Wall in Blackburn to give the public and local businesses information about ongoing works in their area. View case study…

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