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Magento website development

The Maddins Magento website development was created as an online catalogue, a replacement to its printed materials to allow suppliers, re-sellers, embroiders and printers a reference point for the product specifications and variations. View case study…

Gigolo Menswear Cheshire Magento Web Design

Magento web design

Cheshire based retailer Gigolo Menswear set Parker Design the task of setting up their online business. Our solution… a super efficient ecommerce website based on the Magento web design and development platform. View case study…

Gravity Mafia Magento Web Design Cheshire

Magento e-commerce

The Gravity Mafia e-commerce website and mountain bike brand was conceived by Parker Design to allow us to design, build and then operate a Magento e-commerce website as a bona fide online shopping business. In doing so, allow us to gain greater insights into the world of e-commerce by dealing with our own real products, real cu[…] View case study…

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