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Food science report design

report design

We designed a report that helped our client maintain its authority in the food and beverage industry.


The analysis of food and its nutritional properties is becoming increasingly sophisticated. A large body of independent research and clinical trials confirm global health claims and back up the designation of cranberries as a ‘super food’. In light of this, and backed by one of the world’s leading fruit ingredient suppliers, the Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) is dedicated to researching and developing new cranberry products for consumers worldwide.


To help our client maintain an authoritative voice in the industry, we were asked to create a highly engaging food science report design that shared scientific knowledge, while highlighting the cranberry as a versatile ingredient with significant health benefits.


Making the most of the company’s rich brand colour palette, we used it to highlight data and visually connect with a wider audience.report design

Switching to a landscape orientation, the report incorporates stunning photography – including shots of the cranberries being harvested and product images. Our creative team also used shapes and elements from the logo to establish a more sophisticated look and feel for the collateral. This not only helped separate the document from other industry reports, it bridged the gap between the researchers and the manufacturers who would ultimately be making decisions about which ingredients would be appealing to consumers in their products.

As a result, the client was extremely pleased with the final food science report design that we developed. It helped with their efforts to effectively communicate in the industry, sell the versatility of cranberries as a product ingredient, and deliver key messages about research and health information for consumers.

Nasco Group

Food manufacturing website

food manufacturing website

Engaging web design that successfully drives brand sentiment and positions our client as an ambitious global market leader.



Company report design

Report design

BrightHR needed the support of a design agency that understood their business and could articulate their fun and innovative brand in print design form. To gain the support of their investors and shareholders, we were tasked with creating a report design that communicated their ethos and strategy.


Ocean Spray

B2B campaign design

B2B campaign design

Parker Design is the marketing agency that can effectively develop solutions to target any kind of B2B customer. To introduce cranberries as a premium ingredient to UK food manufacturers, we created a B2B campaign design that communicated the quality, health and consumer appeal of their products.