United Utilities

Leaflet design


Staying in touch with residents local to our client’s infrastructure maintenance works is vital to the success of United Utilities projects. The company prides itself in ensuring local residents are made aware of the works which are being undertaken and the potential areas for disruption to their day to day lives. And our client communicates their updates always with customer satisfaction in mind.


To transmit this message, United Utilities commissioned our creative team to produce an engaging and informative leaflet design they could distribute to residents in the affected area.


A band of colour at the top of the leaflet design prominently highlights what improvement works are planned by our client, and the location affected. The message is clear straight away.Leaflet design

The leaflet design also includes illustrated maps and diagrams showing changes to traffic routes, and detail on times and area where the work would be taking place.

Four Seasons Health Care

Employee engagement booklet design

employee engagement booklet design

A Pop Art comic-book format was the vehicle chosen to remind employees of the importance of complying with GDPR across Four Seasons Health Care homes. The bright and punchy visual style helped generate curiosity and intrigue.



Fold-out poster design

poster design

We produced a visually impactful and versatile poster design that helped prolong the life of DAI's investment in three major industry shows.



Event flyer design

Event flyer design

To attract a sophisticated audience of wine lovers to an exclusive wine tasting experience, we produced an event flyer design that had visitors flocking.