Nonprofit website design

Our client, the world’s largest open not-for-profit foresight organisation, explores key issues facing society over the next decade. Future Agenda asked Parker Design to produce an engaging nonprofit website design to share the latest insights with their audience, made up of businesses, government bodies, academics and students. Visitors can use the website as a resource tool, or simply to read up on a variety of topics they may be interested in, such as the Future of Health, Digital Money and other big issues and emerging challenges for the next decade.

The fully responsive nonprofit website design was accessible via desktop, mobile devices and on the latest web browsers – allowing experts to share the latest insights quickly and easily online and on social media.

Our client’s website presents key content grouped by topic, and includes built-in search functionality that auto-suggests relevant topics and provides the five most popular insights if suggestions are found. All results are presented in a clean and effective way to further enhance the user experience. In addition, users can collate insights for offline use as they navigate the website, and can organise them using a drag and drop interface. These insights can then be downloaded as a customised, self-contained document.

A ratings system also allows users to vote on how impactful or relevant insights are to them personally. This means that insights can not only be sorted by date or alphabetically, but also based on how impactful the topic is seen to be by the Future Agenda audience in general.

A fully bespoke and streamlined CMS (Content Management System) allows for easy updates whilst delivering the web pages at high speed. This has the benefit of fast perceived page loads for the user and potentially higher rankings in Google.

To enhance the nonprofit website design, we used card-based design to help organise the vast amount of content in a clear way within a grid layout. This approach also allows us to showcase visually impactful images that introduce a particular topic.

The nonprofit website design also incorporates other UX flourishes such as parallax scrolling, retina (HD) images, and custom web font typography.

The solution we designed and built has not only received great feedback from our client, it also serves as an important research tool for thought leaders and their core audiences.