Product packaging design

With well over 200 individual product lines sitting on the shelves of major supermarkets and independent retailers, Roberts Bakery understand the direct impact great product packaging design has on its sales.

With a wide range of loaves ranging from the traditional staples such as white and brown medium sliced, right through to bloomers, wheatgrains, and even loaves with cranberries, it was essential that we came up with a design and a formula that could be rolled out across the entire product range, allowing each to be distinctive and yet obviously from Roberts Bakery. Add into this a wide range of morning goods, rolls, muffins and more this was a huge undertaking.

One of the first conclusions we reached was that the thing that made people buy Roberts breads again and again was the quality of the product. What the packaging needed to do therefore was show the product. Sounds obvious, but prior to the redesign the product packaging design on the whole was completely opaque. Parker Design introduced a product ‘window’ on the majority of products, which allowed the customer to actually see the loaf they were buying.

With such an expansive range, it was important that the product packaging design had some consistencies, particularly with regard to the positioning of the Roberts brand. With this in mind the Roberts logo always featured in the same prominent position on each design, giving it maximum exposure and tying the full range together.

We then developed a wide ranging colour palette which was applied to the ranges giving each one that distinctive look and shelf presence. Taking the iconic wheatsheaf graphic featured in the Roberts Bakery logo, we used it as a subtle repeat pattern on each of the packaging designs adding that extra element of branding. Choice of typography played a massively important part in the success of the design, requiring just the right style to complement the product.

The refreshed packaging design gave the entire range a lift and now matched the high quality of the product inside. The brand positioning was elevated considerably too by the vastly improved use of the Roberts logo, giving them a much better shelf presence and increased customer awareness.