Chorley Green Farm

Property marketing brochure

Property marketing brochure

The 8-page property marketing brochure we produced for Chorley Green Farm Barns uses professional photography and artist illustrations to create a suitable ambience that represents the development in its full potential.


To create a marketing brochure that would help our client promote their new development and shine in a highly competitive property market.


The 8-page brochure we produced for Chorley Green Farm Barns uses a curated selection of professional photography and computer generated imagery to create a suitable ambience to represent the finished development to its full potential. A key piece of the property sales collateral, the marketing brochure features contemporary fonts and a strong green colour scheme to reflect the style and setting of the barn conversion.

Royalty-free lifestyle images provide inspiration for potential buyers, while professionally drawn development schematics and floor plans give a detailed description of property layouts. A stylised area map on the back page gives a clear indication of the location of the properties.Property marketing brochure

Page layouts are clean and easy to follow, with blocks of colour helping structure content and adding visual variety to the design.

Property marketing brochure


Over the years we have provided effective design and marketing ideas to a wide range of clients in the Property and Development sector.

Green Retreats Group

Sales and marketing brochure

sales and marketing brochure

With this sales and marketing brochure we helped Green Retreats reinvigorate their sales materials by highlighting the customer experience.


Royal Pacific Group

Property brochure

property brochure design

A property brochure design that conveys the idea of exclusivity and craftsmanship, immediately creating a connection with investors.



Corporate property brochure

Corporate property brochure

To attract the right kind of buyer, we produced a corporate property brochure design that emphasises the prestige and scientific influence of AstraZeneca's Alderley Park site.