Chorley Green Farm

Property marketing brochure

The 8-page brochure we produced for Chorley Green ‘Farm Barns’ uses professional photography and artist illustrations to create a suitable ambience that represents the development in its full potential.

Having a well-designed property marketing brochure for a development is essential in the current market in order to distinguish a property from its competitors. The 8-page brochure produced for Chorley Green Farm Barns near Whitchurch uses professional photography and computer generated imagery to create a suitable ambience in order to represent the finished development to its full potential.

A key piece of the property marketing, the brochure features contemporary fonts and a strong green colour scheme to reflect the style and setting of the barn conversion. Royalty-free lifestyle imagery provides inspiration for potential buyers, and professionally drawn development schematics and floor plans give a detailed description of property layouts. A stylised area map on the back page gives a clearer indication of the location of the properties.

Over the years we have provided effective design and marketing ideas to a wide range of clients in the Property and Development sector.

Royal Pacific Group

Property brochure design

Property brochure design

A property brochure design that conveys the idea of exclusivity and craftsmanship, immediately creating a connection with the target audience.


Meller Braggins

Property sales brochure

property sales brochure

By carefully designing and printing a beautiful property sales brochure, the imagination of potential buyers can be captured, and it could be the decision-maker as to whether they buy or not.



Property brochure

Property brochure design

Mount Crescent in Whitchurch – a beautiful market town in northern Shropshire – required a truly unique property brochure design. The brochure suitably reflects the distinctive qualities of the development, and captures the imagination of potential buyers.