Orchard Gate

Residential property brochure

Property brochure designA residential property brochure design that helped promote a unique new development in a beautiful rural location.


To help promote a unique courtyard development of six character properties set within a beautiful rural village location, our brief was to design a residential property brochure that transmitted the unique character and essence of Orchard Gate.


The nature of the site lent itself to a rustic design, so we maximised the use of colours and textures from the orchard itself to create a unique identity and marketing pack.

We started by designing a logo incorporating the iconic tree and gate symbol: the design has a natural feel and is complemented with a sophisticated combination of a script-style font and a traditional serif typeface. Very classic in feel, the residential property brochure design uses a balance of lifestyle and architectural photographs, which were planned and shot by our professional photographers.Property brochure design

We commissioned a bespoke watercolour impression to illustrate how the development would look on completion and to reinforce the country setting of the homes. We also created illustrated floor plans and a microsite to support the marketing effort.
Architectural Illustration and Property Brochure Graphic Design

The residential property brochure was an A4 6-page format, allowing extra room for specifications and floor plans, and the final printed copies were treated with a gloss laminate to saturate the colours and really bring the photography to life.

Green Retreats Group

Sales and marketing brochure design

With this sales and marketing brochure design we helped Green Retreats reinvigorate their sales materials by highlighting the customer experience.


Royal Pacific Group

Property brochure

property brochure design

A property brochure design that conveys the idea of exclusivity and craftsmanship, immediately creating a connection with investors.



Corporate property brochure

Corporate property brochure

To attract the right kind of buyer, we produced a corporate property brochure design that emphasises the prestige and scientific influence of AstraZeneca's Alderley Park site.