Simple website design

Often, clients approach Parker Design requiring a website that is extremely complex. Sometimes however, the opposite is required. In this case, UK Fuels wanted a simple website design that had a unique look and yet was based on a tried-and-tested layout structure and WordPress CMS. This approach provides both economical benefits as well as low cost maintenance going forward.

A professional, corporate feel to the design was achieved with a quick turnaround in the initial design phase. A lack of previous brand guidelines meant that we had freedom to define and refine the brand whilst making sure that the products and services are promoted with clarity and clear call to actions.

The simple website design was followed by faster than usual web development due to that fact that we were making good use of a WordPress CMS we had created for UK Fuels previously. This clever reuse of code also means that there is a welcome consistency when it comes to updating the range of other websites we have designed and built for UK Fuels.

The UK Card Services website makes use of our WordPress expertise, and our SEO guidance has helped UK Fuels keep the site up to date and rise through the search engine ranks.

View the UCS website.