UK Fuels

Web design and development

web design and development

We designed and built an effective multilingual website.

UK Fuels came to us with a web design and development project for their corporate website. The requirement was for a new, content-managed, multi-lingual website with the ability to switch language quickly and easily.

The Parker Design solution centred around the WordPress content management platform, incorporating a totally bespoke theme. Using PHP, we built functions to check current language and page. This allows the user to navigate seamlessly around the site in any language, but also, new arrivals to the site can switch the page they arrive on, and its downloads or pop-ups, to their own language in a single click.

The custom WordPress theme was built with multiple page templates and functionality to add all SEO, including image titles and alt tags, from within WordPress whilst keeping the editable page content as simple as possible.

Thomson Reuters

Web design and digital strategy

web design

Thomson Reuters needed a digital agency that would deliver a web design and digital strategy, as well as an integrated marketing strategy, to promote the performance benefits of Eikon, its financial analytics software. With our solution our client achieved an 81% increase in monthly website traffic.


Future Agenda

Nonprofit website design

nonprofit website design

Parker were proud to be chosen as the digital agency to create a nonprofit web design that would help Future Agenda share the latest research findings, and encourage their audience to continue to debate and action.


Ocean Spray

Multilingual web design

Produced in six languages – Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese – and consisting of approximately 24 pages per site, the WordPress multilingual web design has reached a large proportion of Ocean Spray's overseas market.