WordPress websites

Parker Design Consultants were delighted to be commissioned by Soroptimist International (SIGBI) to produce their main Great Britain & Ireland web design & development, together with the development of nearly 200 WordPress websites for their local clubs.

This was a huge task and a great project for Parker Design to get their teeth into. A great deal of consideration was needed in terms of design, front-end HTML, CSS and JavaScript build and also advanced content management in the form of multiple WordPress websites, known as WordPress Multiuser (WordPress MU).

The project kicked off with a series of face-to-face meetings and teleconferences which was followed by the first round of design mockups.

The aim of the design was to allow the organisation to appeal to a younger audience whilst not alienating the existing members in any way.

A magazine-style layout for the homepage evolved, which automatically pulls in content from the relevant sections of the site’s content.

Also, a set of page templates was designed and built for different areas of the site as well as the many sub websites that would need to be created and administered.

After approval and signoff of the designs, the development of the main website and the 200 WordPress websites, members area, individual annual conference microsites and local club website templates could begin.

JavaScript was used to enhance various aspects of the website, such as custom expanding menus and also to add a touch of animation to the polaroid-style images in the header area.

Parker Design made good use of the WordPress websites MU multiuser aspect due to its ability to allow website administrators (in this case Soroptimist) to easily create new, additional sub websites and give administrator access to their own staff. These sub websites, created for the many local Soroptimist clubs across Great Britain and Ireland, are based on a central set of templates. This means visual and structural updates can be easily and quickly applied across the board. It also means that each individual club site can be administered separately by the relevant staff for that club.

The Soroptimist website, or portal, with its many sub sites is a great example of a large-scale WordPress websites development and has had rave reviews from administrators and members alike.

View the SIGBI website.