Advertorial design

Advertorial design

An advertorial design that effectively targeted architects by demonstrating an understanding of their needs, and contributed to a significant increase in enquiries.


Kingspan, a world leader in energy efficient, high-performance building solutions, was looking to increase awareness of their cutting-edge product: Topdek. The innovative roofing system is a pre-engineered roofdeck, far superior to other products available in the market.


Audiences are more sophisticated than ever, so capturing their attention requires in-depth knowledge about their needs and business challenges. With architects largely unfamiliar with the benefits offered by Topdek, our client needed to raise awareness about this key industry product.


We addressed this by developing an advertorial design for a key building magazine. The advertorial design was both educational and informative, and outlined the product benefits in the context of design and build challenges that architects would face on the job.Advertorial design

The editorial not only sought to familiarise architects with Topdek, it educates them about when to incorporate it into their building plan.Advertorial design

Beginning with an in-depth interview with a building technology expert, we crafted the advertorial content to mirror the tone of other articles in the magazine. We also adjusted the look and feel to ensure the advertorial fit the style of the magazine.

The editorial clarified common roof installation challenges, such as balancing speed and safety, as well as when it would be most beneficial to consider using the product.

In addition to highlighting key product features with detail insets, we also incorporated photography from a completed building project to demonstrate the visual appeal of the finished result.


The completed advertorial design – the first in a series – was effective in educating architects about the client’s product.

As part of a larger product marketing strategy that we developed, it contributed to a significant increase in enquiries about the product and was later used as valuable content for the client’s blog and social media channels.


Magazine design and content

magazine design

We're a design agency that focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals. This time, it was print design – with engaging content creation and stunning visuals, the travel magazine we created for Exodus increased their travel bookings by 62%. A result worthy of our design portfolio.


Ocean Spray

B2B campaign design

B2B campaign design

Parker Design is the marketing agency that can effectively develop solutions to target any kind of B2B customer. To introduce cranberries as a premium ingredient to UK food manufacturers, we created a B2B campaign design that communicated the quality, health and consumer appeal of their products.



Product marketing strategy

product marketing strategy

An informative product marketing strategy that increased awareness and helped contribute to a significant spike in sales.