Dee Valley Water

Annual report design

annual report design

A clear and compelling annual report design that revitalised our client’s branding, highlighting a renewed focus on people and the communities they support supports.


An effective annual report goes beyond just presenting results – it can be one of the most credible ways to get corporate messages and company ethos across. And they’re vital when a company needs to communicate a new business direction.

Effective design can make a significant difference in the audience’s perception of a company. Internally, sharing the company’s annual report with your teams can significantly increase employee engagement levels.

Dee Valley Water – who supplies water to hundreds of thousands of customers in North Wales and North West England – asked us to design an annual report to be shared with their investors in the City.annual report design


The annual report design had to present the most factual information in a way that highlighted deeply reflective company values. With our client listed in the Stock Exchange, and bound by tight regulations in the financial market, we had to deliver on a specific date, with no room for manoeuvre.

Our client would provide us with a large amount of images and data, including regular updates on vital financial information, so we had to ensure flawless management of the constant flow of information.


In line with the new company vision, we revitalised their branding and presented the information in a way that really signalled the shift in the company.

We split the annual report design into two sections: company information and financial reports. annual report design

The first section is filled with infographics and fresh photography to help readers navigate through the vast amount of information. The second section is clearly laid out to allow investors to focus on the reported data.

The fresh and clean design with bright colours gives the report a current feel whilst supporting our client’s vision for the future, to both shareholders and staff.

“Our experience of working with Parker Design was excellent from start to finish.

From the outset, Parker Design were proactive in suggesting design ideas and responded to our requests efficiently, offering a friendly and effective service throughout the process and ensuring that we met our publishing and print deadlines.

We were very pleased with the high-quality end product and received positive feedback on the report from our Board members. We would not hesitate to work with Parker Design again in the future.”

One of the main elements of the refreshed design was the inclusion of powerful photography showing staff at work – a clear reflection of the importance the company places on the people that underpin it.annual report design

The editorial style images also included ‘real’ people from the communities the company supports.annual report design

We carefully selected and tested different types of paper and printing specifications to find the perfect match for our client’s goals. The paper we chose has an offset, environmental feel to it, and contributes to the annual report being a piece of design and information everybody can identify with and wants to own. All this whilst maintaining the highest design standards and tight time management skills.annual report design


Impact report design

Impact report design

After working with the charity to refresh their brand, we produced an impact report design that outlines how their programmes are making a real difference in the communities they support.


Imperial College London

Prospectus design

prospectus design

A striking prospectus design to attract support to OPAL, a nationwide initiative led by Imperial College London, conceived to inspire all levels of society to collaborate and get closer to nature.


United Utilities

Digital corporate report

digital corporate report

Mid-way through an ambitious 5-year plan, United Utilities asked us to design a digital corporate report to update customers and shareholders on the progress against 5 key performance commitments. The report design energises audiences by presenting results in a confident, compelling and balanced way