Data Visualisation

Have you ever considered how little time your audience have? It may be time to consider data visualisation as a powerful way to engage with audiences.

Put simply, data visualisation triggers emotions by helping audiences process and interpret information much faster than in verbal or written form. As much as 60,000 times faster.

But it’s not only about speed of response, but also the quality of that response: audiences respond better to visual information. And the fact that, according to the latest figures, 65% of the population are visual learners, will mean that pairing a concept with a memorable visual will help you transmit your message in quicker and more powerful ways, more effectively.

You can rely on those statistics whether you’re targeting external audiences to increase your sales figures, generate brand awareness, or perhaps if you’re trying to reach internal audiences to significantly boost employee engagement levels.

Data visualisation helps illuminate the message you want to transmit, by turning raw data into a compelling story. Have you considered infographics, animation, illustrations or Prezi design to add variety and effectiveness to your external or internal communications? Data visualisation can also help you communicate with the most demanding audiences when you’re working on your annual report.

Data visualisation will help you guide your audience’s focus, it can simplify complex processes, it can help audiences think in new ways, from a different angle, a different point of view.