Brand awareness video animation

brand awareness video animationTo connect sales teams with logistics professionals, we developed a simple yet effective brand awareness video animation.


Every three years, IMHX attracts over 20,000 visitors to Birmingham’s NEC, where supply chain and logistics exhibitors showcase their products and have the opportunity to network with key professionals.


It was the first time at the exhibition for DAI, leaders in business critical software. As one of over 450 exhibitors, they needed a way to rise above competitors and create a lasting impression amongst their audience.


As part of the content we produced for the exhibition stand, we created an animation which, though focused on simplicity, introduces DAI to potential customers by showcasing their six core offerings in a playful and engaging way.

The animation, displayed prominently within the stand, captures the audience’s imagination from feet away, drawing visitors in, curious to find out more. Visitors’ attention span is short in a busy exhibition hall so keeping it simple helped us maximise impact.

Inspired by DAI’s corporate identity, we applied a subtle animated effect and smooth transitions to a sequence of interconnected hexagons, hinting at the concept of a lean supply chain. To increase appeal and make the brand stickier we used playful icons to represent the different industries DAI works with. We showcased our client’s expertise in each of those industries by turning the edge of a hexagon into an animated chevron device that acts as a transition between sections.

We applied 2D animation with Adobe After Effects, which kept costs and timings to a minimum.


The brand awareness video animation was really well received internally, and our client’s already seen encouraging ROI and promising leads.

“The stand and the animation are really good – we have received some very favourable comments internally and from customers who visited the stand (ASOS, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, etc.). 

This is great news, I had no doubt we were working with a strong agency.”

Marketing Manager, DAI


Annual review animation

Annual review animation

Following a historic year of achievements for AstraZeneca, we helped them celebrate their success with a 12-minute annual review animation which, despite its length, engaged employees worldwide thanks to a polished and dynamic style.


N8 Research Partnership

Animated video production

Animated video production

We used motion graphics and engaging infographic design to help N8 highlight the findings of their economic impact report. The effective animation made key data memorable and easy for viewers to understand.


H&T Presspart

Animated product video

Animated product video

From simple CAD drawings, our content creation and video production teams delivered engaging motion graphics that helped showcase our client’s latest respiratory drug delivery technology at a major industry conference.