Brand development

As a traditional family-run bakery, the previous Roberts logo was similarly traditional, containing lots of ornate detailing, strokes and flourishes and dog tooth borders. The logo had served them well for many years but was starting to look a little dated. Although it spoke of their heritage it didn’t reflect the dynamic and forward thinking nature of the business, and so the brand development brief was to refine and enhance rather than totally redesign.

Stripping out a lot of the detailing, and making the now iconic wheatsheaf graphic the focal point of the logo, we gave the Roberts logo a much fresher, more modern look. We also refined the typography making it cleaner and crisper.

For a business like Roberts Bakery it was important to consider where the logo would appear and how it would be printed. From signage to packaging and marketing collateral, it was important that the logo design and brand development were consistent and cost effective to reproduce across all media. With this in mind the brand development also included simplifying the colour palette so that the logo could be produced out less colours and tints of those colours, resulting in considerable future savings on print costs.

Going forward, Parker Design were involved in developing the brand further with a new range of product packaging designs, brand positioning straplines, point of sale devices, marketing collateral and website.