Motion graphics

We produced engaging motion graphics that turned AstraZeneca’s global on-boarding materials into a fun, personal and memorable experience for new employees.motion graphics


Frequent exposure to online animations and motion graphics has become more common in everyday life. Employees are also more likely to expect video content in the workplace. Information presented in this way is easier to absorb and can immediately put the audience in a more receptive frame of mind, regardless of the topic. The content is also easily shared amongst colleagues, helping maximise impact.

With this in mind, AstraZeneca’s internal communications team asked us to produce a series of motion graphics to help make their training programme more engaging. The animation had to include a lot of complex information about the many teams and processes new staff would need to familiarise themselves with.


To make the induction process more effective for new employees, we needed a visual approach that would convey complex information and make it memorable. It was also important to deliver a solution that captured the attention of new staff and keep them engaged from start to finish*.


We produced a series of instructional and informative motion graphics that helped move employees through the induction process. The visuals could be inserted into a wide range of induction materials, lending consistency to the format, but differentiating them from other internal training communications.

Utilising core brand assets, we helped our client reinforce key concepts and visually signpost information, all while keeping employees engaged for the duration of their training programme.motion graphics

Illustrations add a contemporary look and feel, creating an immediate connection between the energy of the new employees and what the company stands for: constant innovation and evolution. An animated background acts as a moving canvas where new information can be introduced, allowing the motion graphics to be versatile.


  • We developed a variety of supporting icons that could be integrated into AstraZeneca’s training materials.
  • Our production team paid special attention to the music and sound effects to give the motion graphics an energetic feel.
  • Testimonials from real employees bring the company’s core messages to life and we included layered elements into the animation to encourage viewers to stay focused.

“It was great working with the Parker Design team to bring to life the importance of our Global On-boarding and Induction programme.

The animations have been utilised as key educational tools to ensure our line managers are aware of our new simplified approach to on-boarding, and feel confident in implementing it to support a quality experience to new members of our team.”

Learning & Development Lead, Global Procurement – AstraZeneca. 

(*) – A shortened version of the motion graphics has been included here for confidentiality reasons.


Expense policy animation

Expense policy animation

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Brand awareness video animation

brand awareness video animation

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N8 Research Partnership

Animated video production

Animated video production

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