Company report design

Some of our clients like to do things differently – and for BrightHR it was important to help them create a company report design that demonstrated the effectiveness of their innovative and forward-thinking business approach.


Specialising in online people management software, BrightHR wanted to create positive disruption in the industry with a solution that is not only fun, but simple, user-friendly, and can be customised by users in an engaging way. This would be the first rollout of the new brand identity and strategy that our team helped to create for BrightHR.

To send the right message to investors and communicate the strength of the company’s business proposition, we created a report to make an immediate impression, while striking the right balance between playfulness and profitability.

Our team developed a visual approach to highlight the business plan and make it really stand out. The clean design and straightforward format made the information inviting and easy to comprehend.

By partially concealing the cover visual with a belly band, we also invited a sense of intrigue, creating a desire within readers to find out more and improving interaction with the design. Removing the belly band reveals the image of a smiling woman, fully engaged and having fun.

The company report is filled with BrightHR’s passion and energy from the inside out with a mixture of punchy brand colours, vibrant images and a friendly approachable font that allows even the most complex information to breathe.

Our client didn’t have the budget for a photo shoot, so we worked to identify unique stock images from a variety of sources to give the piece the right visual appeal and convey the Brilliance that is essential to the company’s brand identity.

We also made effective use of “moodles”, a playful visual device developed by our creative team to highlight key concepts while also maintaining the friendly, innovative style that the company wanted to convey.


As a result of our attention to detail, the company report design was well received and effectively communicated the company’s business objectives and proposed approach to the Board.

Electricity North West

Corporate annual report design

Corporate annual report design

We created a corporate annual report design that delivered much more than information – it made for thought-provoking and engaging reading.


Dee Valley Water

Annual report design

annual report design

Dee Valley Water needed a print design agency to help it increase transparency and shape stakeholder perceptions. We took care of every detail to create a stunning annual report design – another example where beautiful and effective graphic design can help communicate and reinforce a company's mes



Environmental report design

Environmental report design

Thanks to a combination of evocative earthy colours, bright environment-based photography, well-designed data graphics and striking print design, we delivered a report that supported Shell's commitment to sustainable development.