United Utilities

Digital corporate report

digital corporate report

Mid-way through an ambitious 5-year plan, United Utilities asked us to design a digital corporate report to update customers and shareholders on the progress made against five key performance commitments.

The report had to energise the audience by presenting results in a confident, compelling and balanced way.


United Utilities, which provides water services for 7 million people and 200,000 business across North West England, is mid-way through a 5-year plan. As part of reaching its goals, United Utilities gathered feedback and suggestions for improvement on the service it provides to customers across the region.

The company has shaped this feedback into 5 performance commitments that address key areas of focus: Providing great water, Disposing of waste water, Providing value for money, Delivering reliable customer service, and Protecting the environment.


Our brief was to design a digital corporate report that would demonstrate our client’s passion and commitment to deliver on the promises made to their customers, in a compelling and memorable way.


The design is fresh and dynamic, and creates an emotional connection with the audience thanks to powerful photography of United Utilities customers and employees at work.digital corporate reportdigital corporate report

The emotional angle (people and the environment are at the centre of our client’s efforts to meet its corporate goals) is then perfectly balanced by the way we presented performance results to the reader. Clean layouts with little distraction except small amounts of colour help readers navigate through the results.digital corporate report

Colour and prominent fonts also help add structure to the user journey, helping guide the audience through the content.digital corporate report

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