Four Seasons Health Care

Employee engagement posters

employee engagement posters
With over 250 care homes nationwide, Four Seasons Health Care wanted to transmit the importance of complying with GDPR in a way that was effective, memorable and fun. We chose Pop Art as inspiration for these employee engagement posters.


The vast majority of Four Seasons Health Care staff have access to extremely sensitive resident data every day, so fully understanding what the EU’s GDPR directive means was one of our client’s focus areas for the year ahead.


With tens of thousands of care home residents, and most of the 16,000 employees potentially handling confidential resident information every day, any form of internal communication relating to GDPR had to really capture employees’ imaginations – regardless of role – and instil a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. A major objective of our brief was to avoid ideas that would inspire a culture focused on the negative, on a sense of blame.


Although the campaign focus was mainly to target employees aged between 19 and 26, and also the over 45s – who mostly perform roles more likely to require dealing with sensitive resident data – the punchy, bright, Pop Art-inspired visuals appeal to everyone straight away.employee engagement posters

The poster format – one of the elements of a wider awareness and engagement campaign, which also included a comic-style booklet and a playful animation – lends itself perfectly to the fun visual style and what our client’s trying to achieve: to educate without scaring, or isolating, anyone.

The employee engagement posters don’t rely on blame – it’s simply about helping each other reach a common goal.employee engagement posters

The realistic scenarios immediately generate interest. Employees feel they can identify with the characters –

“This could be me, or my colleague; POW – Protect Our Workplace; We really are in this together”.employee engagement posters

To encourage even deeper engagement, we also created a set of ‘Spot the Breach’ posters, a game-inspired style that invites employees to take part. It’s learning, and complying, through fun.

employee engagement posters

Set within two different Four Seasons environments: a care home and an office, the breach posters present a variety of situations employees may find themselves in.

employee engagement posters

The combination of fun yet realistic style and key areas affected by GDPR encourages reflection, embedding itself in the mind of the audience, who will resort to these highly visual memories when faced with a real-life situation.

employee engagement posters

The playful visual style doesn’t distract from the main aim of the employee engagement posters: for everyone to fully comply with GDPR at all times.
employee engagement posters


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