Change Management Marketing

More than ever, businesses in a wide range of industries have to not only anticipate change and any potential risks associated with it, but they also have to embrace change confidently, enable it, assess its impact, manage it, and sustain it – meaning the difference between longevity or becoming stale.

To that end, employees must be, and feel, empowered to take ownership and make their own individual contribution to the overall change management programme. That’s where a suite of effective change management initiatives can help change leaders drive teams to make well-informed decisions.

At Parker we have been helping our clients with successful change management marketing ideas for over 20 years, thanks to an effective combination of beautiful design and engaging communication and messaging strategies.

The way those strategies are communicated is key: branding ideas that appeal to employees’ emotions by showing them that employers care; data and facts presented in a way that reinforces a strong business case; reward and recognition programmes that propel the workforce to the next level as they feel empowered to become champions of change, to name a few.

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