Employee engagement video animation

Employee engagement video animation‘Out with the old, in with the new’ – To encourage staff to fully embrace a new corporate-wide initiative, we produced a colourful employee engagement video animation that demonstrates the strength of timely change.


AstraZeneca recognises the importance of simplifying systems and processes in order to support business growth. The company’s ERP Simplification initiative is the result of efforts to move away from once fit-for-purpose systems which over time have been customised often, and may have become fragmented.


To deliver a highly visual way of communicating key changes in the corporate systems, and highlight the benefits those changes would bring to all employees company-wide.


The analogy of a sports car carries the message in a memorable and effective way.Employee engagement video animationEmployee engagement video animation

The sports car, the latest, fastest model in the market at the time, has over time been through a series of modifications. These modifications may have initially been a welcome addition, improving the car’s speed, performance and reliability. But they’re no longer helping. Instead, they’re slowing it down.Employee engagement video animationEmployee engagement video animation

The animation introduces our client’s initiative to simplify and improve processes.Employee engagement video animationEmployee engagement video animationEmployee engagement video animation

Diagonal graduated links forming an arrow add consistency with other corporate materials, also designed to encourage employees to fully embrace the new initiative. The playful animation style and the car analogy add differentiation, helping it stick in employees’ minds.Employee engagement video animation

Layers of animation, bounce, flip and rotation effects, and dynamic yet soft transitions add a subtle dose of energy, avoiding unnecessary distractions from the core message being communicated.Employee engagement video animationEmployee engagement video animation

With our client providing us with copy, we reworked it into a script style that suits the pace of the employee engagement video animation.

Large fonts and targeted use of colour help emphasise the importance of embracing the initiative.


Annual review animation

Annual review animation

Following a historic year of achievements for AstraZeneca, we helped them celebrate their success with a 12-minute annual review animation which, despite its length, engaged employees worldwide thanks to a polished and dynamic style.


Four Seasons Health Care

Compliance animated video

compliance animated video

To educate Four Seasons employees on the impact of not complying with GDPR, we produced a fun and colourful animation inspired by Pop Art that contributed to an effective and engaging learning experience.



Employee engagement animation

Employee engagement agency

Our content creation team used custom motion graphics to instil unity among SPXFLOW's global team by encouraging employee engagement and highlighting how each individual contributes to collective goals. The animation was a success at all SPXFLOW'S global locations.