Information governance animation

information governance animation

Our content team worked closely with AstraZeneca to develop an information governance animation that transmitted the importance of managing, securing, protecting and preserving data to make the right decisions in the interest of patients and the company as a whole.


The avalanche of data and information available in the last few years has proved a challenge to many companies, which have seen their business dynamics change as they quickly adapt to a constantly evolving environment. Extracting insights from all the data available – and keeping it secure – is essential to an organisation’s success, in particular in the ecommerce and IT sectors, and Healthcare. A company-wide adoption of information governance principles will help minimise risks and costs while maximising the value of data.


Appreciating that information is the blood of their organisation, AstraZeneca recognises that all teams must adopt control and security measures in order to optimise information and stay within the boundaries of the latest regulations at all times.

As the company changed the way information is handled, it identified a need to communicate its importance to employees to encourage engagement and instil a sense of responsibility in every employee.


With the company relying on information to make the right decisions for the company and its patients every day, we started by creating an identity that would help transmit the importance of keeping information secure.

Thinking of how the identity could be tailored to an animation environment, we created an identifier which when animated expands, rotates, flows, shrinks, spins and locks up to illustrate the four pillars which work together to protect data.

“Thanks again for an amazing job on the information governance animation.”

“Really appreciate all the hard work. The outputs are fantastic… Very excited to see them finished. It’s been a pleasure working with you all.”

“Very impressed with the speed in which you turned it around. It looks great. Thanks so much – great job!”

“I have been exceptionally impressed with the quality of the animation – the interpretation of the storyboard was exceptional considering it was a new subject to you all. I’ve worked with other companies on the production of animations and this experience has been by far the best by miles so thank you for making the production side of this project exceptionally easy! Please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team… They have all been brilliant!”

Within the information governance animation, data is represented by a line that flows through everything the company does and impacts, while background graphics help suggest the speed of information and movement of teams as they adapt to an ever-changing landscape.information governance animationinformation governance animation

A series of icons helps transmit concepts such as protection, financial commitment and reputation, all essential elements of the information governance process.information governance animation

An edited version of the animation has been included here to protect client confidentiality.


  • The animation design focuses on high level information to avoid the need for regular updates.
  • We worked closely with the client to organise the best suited voiceover for the animation.
  • We also produced online banners and branded talking head videos.


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