Thomson Reuters

Email campaign design

email campaign design

Part of a wider integrated marketing strategy, this email campaign design played a major role in achieving one key objective: to increase traffic to our client’s microsite.


The microsite-centred Man versus Machine strategy was rolled out to create a strong awareness and media campaign designed to drive website traffic. This email campaign was instrumental in keeping Thomson Reuters’ savvy audience of hedge fund managers intrigued and engaged.

In detail

The campaign was rolled out over a very short period of time – 6 weeks – and focused on providing traders with useful information from industry experts through a series of high-quality podcasts.

Alternating between the arrival of targeted direct mail pieces, the email campaign promoted the weekly release of the latest podcast episode in the series and linked users directly to the microsite. Use of the direct mail and email elements allowed us to target members of the hedge fund community through two channels that supported each other for maximum impact and campaign design

We applied different imagery and used different copy for each of the 6 emails in the campaign to guarantee maximum engagement and a high response rate. Audience buy-in was also aided by the development of a fully responsive email campaign design, with the emails being supplied to our client in HTML format to allow for easy deployment.

Thomson Reuters

Multi-channel marketing campaign

Multi-channel marketing campaign

We tapped into the complex psychology of hedge fund managers with an innovative multi-channel campaign. As a marketing agency that understands how digital stratetgy fits within an effective integrated marketing strategy, our solution helped generate an 81% uplift in monthly website traffic.


Smart Money Loans

Email marketing campaign

digital marketing agency

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we were able to help Smart Money Loans maximise click-through rates and generate new business leads with a mobile responsive email marketing campaign.


N8 Research Partnership

Digital newsletter

digital newsletter

Our client's digital newsletter played a major role in keeping subscribers updated with the latest research and initiatives to support their ambitious 4-year vision