Email Design

If you really want to reach your audience in a way that makes them feel it’s personal, that they’re in control of the user journey, an effective and compelling email design can be one of the most engaging marketing tools, whether you’re trying to start a conversation with existing customers, attract new ones, or keep your employees informed of the latest company developments.

As an extremely cost-effective marketing channel, emails offer a degree of interaction with your message unlike any other.

For over 20 years we’ve been creating beautiful email design that works, with strategies that maximise the time in front of your target audience. We can help with crafting subject lines and body copy, advise on personalisation tactics, and sender names that really hook your audiences straight away, enticing them to not just open your emails, but to navigate through them, and click through to make a real difference to your ROI.

For us design and user journey are always front of mind when it comes to email design. But we don’t stop there. Our digital development team are always hungry to adopt the latest technology – if it matches your objectives and budget – and help you overcome barriers that stop you from getting you in front of your audience. So, we’ll adapt the email design and build the campaign in a way that will bypass spam filters, reach inboxes regardless of email client or device, and once opened, offers a memorable experience to users who can’t wait to click through and find out more.