Email invitation design

Email invite design

We helped SolutionsPT attract a high number of registrations for a historic event with an engaging email invitation design.


SolutionsPT – a market leader in industrial IT solutions and the sole UK & Ireland distributor of Wonderware software – was ready to present the next generation of the product, a game-changing development in operations management. The company also wanted to commemorate 25 years of exclusive partnership with Schneider Electric – the company behind Wonderware – with a historic two-day conference. We were asked us to produce an engaging and effective email invitation design that would help showcase this unique milestone and encourage attendee registrations.


The email invitation design had to be visually engaging and compel the audience to take action, and it had to be built in a way that would make it compatible with the wide range of operating systems and email clients it would reach.


To create a compelling email, we applied the brand we had developed for the conference and adapted it to the digital environment. This provided a sleek and consistent experience for the global audience, who – as part of a wider integrated campaign – had also received printed invites.

We positioned prominent Wonderware graphics at the top of the email to pique interest and encourage users to open it to find out more.

Email invite design

The large one-column design, simple structure and clean font immediately capture the attention of the recipients, encouraging them to scroll down and read through the information. We gave prominence to links to event registration and agenda website pages by highlighting them with an accent colour to boost click throughs. The one-column layout facilitated seamless scalability and integration with a variety of email clients and mobile devices, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the impactful design.Email invite design


  • We also localised the email invite for the Irish market.
  • We built the email with an industry-leading campaign management tool that allowed the client to edit and send the email themselves, without knowledge of programming languages.
  • The email generated great response, contributing to the success of the event thanks to the high number of registrations it triggered.


Conference management

conference management

We are an experiential agency that understands conference management. That's why SolutionsPT trusted us with a major event to mark a historic milestone, and also to demonstrate the capabilities of the Next Generation of their flagship product.



Event branding

event branding

We developed an event branding solution that captures the essence of the product and positions SolutionsPT as a company that delivers on its promises.


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As an experienced digital marketing agency, we were able to help Smart Money Loans maximise click-through rates and generate new business leads with a mobile responsive email marketing campaign.