Smart Money Loans

Email marketing campaign

email marketing campaign

We designed and developed an effective and fully responsive email marketing campaign to maximise open and click through rates and generate new business leads.


We were tasked with designing and building an ambitious campaign for between 2000 and 2500 targets made up of external clients and potential new customers and brokers.


The campaign needed a design and development refresh to maximise response, as analysis of the previous one had revealed that 20% of users were using mobiles and not getting the full experience with their previous, non-responsive emails.


We designed and built 5 different variations of the email for the different loans available, with colour, lead image and text changes for each of marketing campaign

The new designs allowed our client to show more financial information than previous campaigns in a visually pleasing way. The new look and feel would hook existing customers used to receiving the email, while the fully responsive design ensured that all recipients were able to read the email regardless of platform or email client.

Inspirational lifestyle hero images are followed by financial information presented in a clear and concise way, with a friendly call to action in the top banner of the email. Playful icons help the reader focus on the most important information therefore triggering a decision more quickly and marketing campaign

We integrated the designs into an email campaign management system so our client could update the information themselves, add whole pre-built sections, gather results and make modifications quickly and easily. Image responsiveness was also considered as any images uploaded by our client would automatically resize and scale down if required.

On mobiles the information and the box features stack, while the font size increases to improve readability on smaller screens. We used the same non-retina secondary images on both desktop and mobile versions; this approach keeps email download time down, helping maximise open rate. Click through rates for the new email marketing campaign have also been encouraging.

Thomson Reuters

Email campaign design

email campaign design

Performing well above industry benchmark, this email campaign design played a major role in achieving our client’s main objective: to increase traffic to their microsite.


University of Cambridge

E-newsletter design

e-newsletter design

The University of Cambridge asked us to develop informative and eye-catching e-newsletter design that various departments could use to encourage alumni support and involvement.



Email marketing

Email marketing

Sage make good use of HTML email marketing in their successful digital marketing campaigns and Parker Design Consultants have been instrumental in creating some of their email marketing campaigns.