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email newsletterAn email newsletter that engages employees to drive productivity.


MedImmune, AstraZeneca’s global research and development division, pioneers innovative healthcare solutions across key therapeutic areas. Their 2,500 employees focus on as many as 120 research projects, so a culture of fluid communication is essential for fostering collaboration.


Keeping thousands of employees updated with the latest company developments can be a challenge. That’s why an effective email newsletter can make the difference between demotivating staff, or inspiring a productive workforce. The newsletter format can help avoid duplication of communication and demonstrates that a company is committed to keeping employees informed, motivated and engaged.


For MedImmune, a timely email newsletter was the perfect complement for their global Great Place to Work initiative.

The digital newsletter we created for the Global Engineering Division maximises simplicity in its design, helping to focus on the news and information newsletter

Using the company’s colour palette, illustration style and brand guidelines, we created a series of easy to use templates for daily communications and important news bulletins, as well as monthly, quarterly and C-level executive newsletteremail newsletteremail newsletter

A consistent engineering design theme runs across the templates, as can be seen in the use of a technical blueprint as a header. The email newsletter also includes slight variations to help signpost content, ensuring each person feels like a part of the global family, but can easily identify the subject of the communication.

Strategic use of colour gives each template its own unique identifier, and using header variations help identify content for different teams. Examples of this include: illustrations of microscopes for lab employees, DNA-inspired graphic devices for the pharma group and hard hats to inspire the idea of employees working newsletter

The templates we created can be easily updated by MedImmune’s team. Each template was built using HTML and Inline CSS to ensure compatibility with all of our client’s systems, and the emails used one-column layouts to help keep a consistent display throughout multiple email clients.


Employee travel animation

Employee travel animation

Parker Design's content creation and motion graphics team excel at developing employee communications that connect with audiences. We created an effective and visually engaging animation that encourages staff to help the company reduce travel costs.



Employee engagement web app

Employee engagement web app

GSK needed a digital agency to help them raise awareness of meningitis amongst employees. Our web development team devised an interactive and user-friendly web app where staff could share stories. The new tool was a success and significantly increased employee engagement levels.


N8 Research Partnership

Digital newsletter

digital newsletter

Our client's digital newsletter played a major role in keeping subscribers updated with the latest research and initiatives to support their ambitious 4-year vision