Staff Retention

Your company’s growing, or you want it to grow, so it’s time to expand your team. Or perhaps someone in your team decided it was time to move on. So you embark on a quest to find the perfect candidate, the perfect fit not just for the role, but also for the company, and the team. And after days of reviewing profiles, CVs, you get to the interview stages. One after the other, you meet the candidates. And then you find the right one. So make sure they stay.

Because although it’s beneficial for any business to renew its talent pool every so often, adding renewed energy and enthusiasm, refreshed teamwork, and perhaps even a healthy dose of friendly competition amongst colleagues, it’s key to success to make staff retention a top business priority.

Keeping a close eye on staff retention levels will boost morale amongst teams, impact productivity, reduce recruitment costs, and will also influence your external company reputation – for prospective new employees, potential partners, and of course competitors.

As well as cultivating an environment that encourages teamwork and also gives employees wings to fly solo, or providing a balance between office and home life and ensuring there’s a support network of peers and managers, there are also other ways to show you care.

Over the years we’ve helped clients of all shapes and sizes instil a culture of overall positivity that’s had an effect on staff retention: bringing corporate values to the surface, making sure those values are not just another email that may get lost, or another poster on the wall that employees walk past. But working hard to guarantee they’re understood and embraced by everybody, everywhere, demonstrating a strong focus on diversity and inclusion; timely and engaging employee communications, showing you’re there for them in times of change. Perhaps it’s time for new ways of thinking about what your employer branding stands for. And we can also help you go beyond a fresh lick of paint – our office environment design ideas make employees feel welcome, nurtured, inspired to do more, develop and grow. 

Our staff retention solutions have helped unify diverse global teams under one common purpose, introduce them to each other and inspire teamwork across borders. All this and much more can help you boost your ability to retain employees.