Event management application

We created an event management application that allowed AstraZeneca employees to securely manage events globally. As a single repository for social and corporate events, the solution provides a streamlined and accessible way to encourage employee engagement worldwide.


One of AstraZeneca’s aims is to retain and nurture the research talent they’ve invested in over the years. As part of a company-wide initiative to train and develop employees, the client asked us to develop an event management application conceived to foster a sense of unity and collaboration across teams worldwide.

The application would help the internal communications team transmit the company’s commitment to their staff by offering a variety of internal and external events that benefit not just the career development of employees, but also their lives outside the office or lab.


An undertaking of large scope and scale, the application had to deliver a seamless user experience across platforms, global locations, languages and time zones. It also had to host supporting event content, including attachments and guest speaker biographies, and keep users informed of all aspects of events based on their individual preferences. This would help retain interest in the tool as well as spark further engagement.


We delivered a visually appealing bespoke solution that effectively addresses the need of our client. The user-friendly app encourages engagement from employees worldwide, fosters relationships amongst colleagues and provides valuable learning, and fun, experiences.

Our development team ensured the event management application was intuitive enough to use without any assistance, making it easy for users to suggest content. The app guides them through the event creation process, turning it into a constantly evolving engine that makes it easy for employees to engage and collaborate.

The design visually differentiates events by category and integrates well with other systems, including calendar applications.event management application

Geographic location tags allow users to search based on their location, without restricting them from searching outside this area when they’re on the move.

Event organisers are able to collect feedback from users, emphasising the importance that input from employees has, and energising them to continue to make regular contributions. This reinforces the idea of the application as a live tool that always offers fresh and relevant content, keeping engagement levels high.


The app offers a range of functionality features and user experience benefits.

User experience

  • Users have full control of how they browse through events available – calendar view or magazine-style format
  • Allows event organisers to ask questions, such as dietary requirements, before users register for an event
  • The application deploys periodic newsletters with upcoming events that match user preferences
  • Improved user experience thanks to the use of the predictive OMNI search tool, as it remembers previous searches carried out by users


  • Includes the ability to set limits to attendee numbers and offers the option to add a waiting list
  • Includes functionality to manage calendar entries and cancellations, including email notifications and alarm reminders
  • Maps event venues using Google’s Geolocation APIs (Application Programming Interface)


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