Virtual Events

Our expertise in branding, digital user experiences (UX) and experiential design gives us a unique skillset to understand user behaviour, interaction and customer engagement. We use this insight to deliver beautifully created brand experiences – in-person or virtual events – that delight and surprise audiences and strengthen connections with customers and audiences.

Virtual events offer unique opportunities to engage audiences you may not otherwise be able to reach, whether it’s virtual exhibitions or conferences, awards events or product launches. Virtual events can be easier to manage than in-person events and they’re extremely effective in communicating your message to your audience.

By removing the need for designing, planning, erecting and dismantling of stands, staging, lighting, AV and other onsite services, such as power and internet connections, virtual events can be one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your audience. And you don’t need to look and pay for a venue, or catering. You’ll also save time and money without having to carry out health and safety or risk assessments.

Your staff and attendees won’t have to consider the logistics and costs of getting to the event, or being away for extended periods. Not to mention accommodation, overtime or travel expense claims. And virtual events are also a highly sustainable way to reach your audiences, with minimal waste materials and carbon emissions.

At Parker we want your attendees to be engaged, informed, entertained, and come away with a positive experience – just like they would after a traditional in-person event. So our content designers and marketing team work together to combine strategic insight and stunning visuals to position you as industry leaders thanks to compelling written, digital and video content. Our virtual events expertise includes a wide range of inspirational content:

3D virtual product tours | Meet the experts live sessions | Private social networks | Pre-release previews | Podcasts and downloads | Chat boards | Webinars | Virtual reality (VR) | Augmented reality (AR) | Live presenters and speakers | Video streaming | Pre-recorded videos | Training videos or animations | Presentation materials | Branded backdrops and sets | Downloadable documents | Product launch materials | Calendar-based Q&A sessions

We strive to provide your audience with exceptional and exclusive content they can’t experience anywhere else online, giving your audience a reason to turn up and engage, so get in touch if you think we can help elevate your next virtual event.