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We delivered a podcast content series for Thomson Reuters that captivated hedge fund managers and contributed to an 81% increase in website traffic.


Our client needed to raise awareness in the UK about Eikon – a software tool designed to help hedge fund managers effectively analyse market data in real time.


To position themselves as finance industry thought leaders, Thomson Reuters asked Parker Design to find a way to target hedge fund managers and drive targeted traffic to their Man versus Machine website design


We tapped into the complex psychology of traders with high-quality content that engaged listeners, while also promoting the benefits of Eikon. Our research revealed that hedge fund managers are heavy mobile technology users, likely to commute to work and regularly seek insight from industry experts. We recommended developing a short series of high-quality podcasts to help the client establish credibility with their target audience and regularly drive listeners back to the website for fresh content.podcast production

Our approach to the production of the podcasts was simple: deliver great content to savvy traders in a way that didn’t feel like a sales pitch. We created a series of six 15-minute audio programmes, each featuring a respected industry insider giving their take on a key industry issue impacting the UK financial sector. To establish continuity and increase interest, each podcast was hosted by one of the client’s key financial experts, Axel Threlfall, and provided a preview of the next episode.

We housed the podcast content on a bespoke landing page, created by our design team to match the look and feel of the Man versus Machine website. Each episode was highlighted via direct mail and email to the target audience throughout the 6-week campaign, increasing awareness and creating a sense of urgency among listeners.

Our team worked directly with the client at their London studio to record the podcasts, and the award-winning producer ensured that the podcast content featured exceptional sound quality and had the impact of a radio programme or audio magazine. Integration with SoundCloud also allowed us to track the number of listeners for each episode and, based on the data collected, adjust the campaign as we went along.

Listen to a sample of our podcast below:


The strategy, aided by the direct mail and web key elements of the multi-channel marketing strategy, helped our client achieve their goal of increasing website traffic: a staggering 81% uplift in monthly website traffic throughout the campaign period.

“It was refreshing to work with Parker Design on our Man versus Machine campaign – the team really challenged us to think differently about the brief and ask ourselves what we wanted to achieve strategically.

They went above and beyond to help us approach the campaign from a different angle so that we were getting the most out of the campaign and hitting our desired KPIs.”

Marketing Manager, Finance & Risk Europe, Thomson Reuters

Cactus Financial

Video content

Video content

In preparation for the launch of their new online investment tool, our client asked us for disruptive video content creation to educate and entertain users about the service. Using clever motion graphics, we created 'Robi' – your intelligent investor.


Thomson Reuters

Multi-channel marketing campaign

Multi-channel marketing campaign

We tapped into the complex psychology of hedge fund managers with an innovative multi-channel campaign. As a marketing agency that understands how digital stratetgy fits within an effective integrated marketing strategy, our solution helped generate an 81% uplift in monthly website traffic.


Smart Money Loans

Email marketing campaign

digital marketing agency

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we were able to help Smart Money Loans maximise click-through rates and generate new business leads with a mobile responsive email marketing campaign.