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This effective web design captures the attention of hedge fund managers through a sophisticated and engaging digital strategy.


The UK is the centre of the hedge fund industry in Europe, managing over four fifths of all hedge fund investments for the continent. Seeking to tap into the complex psychology of traders, Thomson Reuters asked Parker Design to deliver a web design and digital strategy that would promote the performance benefits of Eikon, its analytics software.


Hedge fund managers typically fall into one of two very different trading categories: systematic and discretionary. While systematic traders tend to value algorithmic models and historical data to inform their investment decisions, discretionary traders are guided by their instincts and knowledge of the market. The design had to incorporate these two very different styles while demonstrating Eikon’s performance benefits.


We conducted research that revealed where and how traders consume media, which helped establish the basis for our design and strategy: ‘Man versus Machine’ – focused on the microsite and driving traffic to it from a variety of online and offline channels.

The digital strategy included:

  • Microsite – To act as a central anchor for campaign traffic and encourage traders to find out more about the product
  • Programmatic Digital Banner Campaign – Used to target the hedge fund community through prospecting on relevant websites and retargeting thereafter
  • Podcast Series – We produced six episodes of the Man v Machine podcast featuring industry experts speaking about key issues. These were housed on the microsite
  • Email Campaign – Six emails were developed to coordinate with the direct marketing material to drive traffic to the microsite and promote the latest Man v Machine podcast episode
  • Social Media – We developed content for Twitter and LinkedIn to engage the audience and generate interest in the latest podcast episodes, driving traffic directly to the microsite.

The Man versus Machine campaign also included a Direct Mail element.

For the website, we built upon the concept of “Man versus Machine” and developed two distinct user experiences online. In order to encourage immediate engagement, our team split the home screen between the two options with high-quality graphics and pushed visitors towards the hedge fund content that suited their preferred trading website design

Based on their selection, traders could scroll through a unique infographic with insights and interactive content that spiralled out as they moved through the site. The website also offered in-depth product information to highlight Eikon’s key features and encourage traders to participate in a free trial.

By using a parallax web design, our creative and digital teams were able to develop an interactive experience for viewers that helped trigger increased engagement among their target audience and promote the product features that best fit their investment needs and preferences.

The website also offered high-level or in-depth information, depending on what users wanted and coordinated visual components with the existing company to reinforce the client’s status as a financial industry thought leader and website design


The strategy resulted in an 81% increase in monthly website traffic, and Thomson Reuters received extremely positive internal and external feedback.


Social media content

Social media content

We opted for social media content creation as a creative way to demonstrate Sage One, the company’s user-friendly suite of online accounting and payroll solutions. Our video production team created an energetic short film highlighting an actual small business using the Sage One app.


The Shipowners' Club

Website design and online tools

corporate website design

Parker Design is a digital agency that delivers innovative web design and effective online tools. The stunning new website we created for The Shipowners' Club provided valuable resources for industry brokers and port authorities, improving the user experience and increasing organic web traffic.


N8 Research Partnership

Brand and website design

Brand and website design

The N8 Research Partnership came to our web design and web development teams to help them with a new design to match their ambitious 4-year vision.