K&L Freight

Web design and keyword strategy

Our web design and keyword strategy made it easy for K&L Freight’s target audience to find them online, increasing their website enquiries and driving business growth.


Our client has over 25 years experience in freight transportation and logistics. One of the UK’s most experienced shipping and logistics companies, they’re proud of their specialised expertise on the complexities of international shipping across all market sectors.


They asked us to deliver a web design and keyword strategy that made it easy for their target audience to find them amongst the competition, capture their audience’s attention and ultimately increase online enquiries.


We updated K&LFreights existing design style and layout and increased their visibility by improving their Google rankings through targeted SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). A clean and uncluttered design contributes to easier navigation that helps the audience focus on the benefits of our client’s services.

Inspired by their logo colour scheme, we introduced professional black and white images and used their own vibrant red to highlight specific sections within the website, and also bring out hero elements within the image: K&L Freight’s containers.Web design and keyword strategyOur digital team created the website in WordPress to allow our client to update it with the latest news and content in a timely manner. The new website, and the results it produced, generated great feedback from our client.

“I would recommend this company for all of your website design and keyword strategy requirements.

They seem to know exactly what the client wants and how to achieve the best results. Well done Parker Design!!”

Director, K&L Freight


Corporate web development

Corporate web development

Macro-style photography that focuses on product and a streamlined design and corporate web development help present Technoprint as a niche industry leader.



Mobile responsive web design

mobile responsive web design

Parker Design is a creative and digital agency that delivers results for our clients. With the new, mobile responsive web design we developed for Coolair, they were able to go from a trickle of enquiries here and there to regularly attracting 40-50 per month.


Delta Corporate Risk

Corporate website design

corporate website design

A strong example of teamwork between client and digital agency, we produced a new corporate web design that was a total departure for our client.