Internal newsletter design

internal newsletter

This internal newsletter proved an effective way of reaching and engaging a large audience regularly, thanks to clever use of colour and headlines that hook.


Thinking of ways of increasing employee engagement levels across your organisation? One of the most effective ways can be a targeted newsletter.

Although print is also a very effective way of approaching internal communications, communicating with employees through digital channels has many benefits – you can reach thousands at the click of a button, an internal newsletter design can be highly personalised, they’re relatively quick and easy to create and deploy, production costs can be significantly reduced, and they’re a highly sustainable solution.


The internal newsletter had to rise above the noise of everything else in employees’ inboxes. It had to be designed and built in a user-friendly way to allow our client to make quick and regular updates. It also had to be recognisable, memorable and engaging, whilst accommodating a large number of articles in each issue.


To help readers find their way around the newsletter, we designed a colour-coded index with links at the top of the page to help with navigation.

The internal newsletter design follows a template structure, which allowed us to build each issue quickly and easily, and instilled a sense of familiarity and consistency for the reader.

“Working with the Parker team is a real pleasure. For them ‘going the extra mile’ is part of the service.

Everyone is pro-active, provides creative solutions, and does whatever’s needed to meet tight deadlines

and work within the agreed budget, to produce a quality product.

I’d recommend them to anyone.”

The same consistency and familiarity are achieved through the use of icons to help readers identify regular features appearing in each issue. The internal newsletter also includes short and punchy articles, guaranteeing the reader’s attention and interest.


Email newsletter design

Email newsletter design

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