Company newsletter

company newsletterA company newsletter that united senior leaders around Statoil’s strategic vision, and helped motivate, engage and develop the most promising employees.


As an Oil and Gas company with more than 40 years’ experience, Statoil believes that empowering their top employees is an important part of meeting the world’s energy needs. Operating across 37 countries, our client wanted to provide a strong employee engagement resource – a company newsletter – for its senior managers. The newsletter was conceived to further develop their leadership skills and unite employees behind a single strategic vision.
company newsletter


To breathe new life into its Leadership Perspectives company newsletter, we needed to create an identity that would fit with the company’s existing brand, while creating a strong piece of communication that would resonate globally with an audience of senior newslettercompany newslettercompany newsletter


Using elements from Statoil’s existing brand, we gave the company newsletter a distinct identity that differentiated it from other internal communications materials. As part of a wider initiative to rebrand the company’s Leadership Academy, we rotated a six-degree angle from the client’s brand guidelines by multiples of 90 degrees to create a ribbon graphic that could be used in a variety of newslettercompany newslettercompany newsletter

When multiplied, the visual device represents a focal point on the horizon that symbolises the journey senior leaders are embarking on together to achieve a common goal. Used throughout the newsletter, the ribbon graphic helped create visual interest and break up the content in some areas, while highlighting essential information in newslettercompany newslettercompany newslettercompany newslettercompany newsletter

To support the content and motivate senior leaders, we developed a photography-focused approach that centred on images of technology and teams in newslettercompany newsletter

Clean, spacious feature layouts made Leadership Perspectives feel more like a magazine, adding value to the publication and encouraging readers to browse through the content.

company newsletterinternal communications branding

Thanks to the new design, senior leaders were more likely to recognise and hold onto the company newsletter – either to read leadership articles at their leisure or to use as reference material. Use of FSC-certified Scandia 2000 uncoated paper helped maintain print quality while reinforcing the company’s sustainability commitment.

The unique ribbon branding was applied to other Leadership Academy materials, including internal Yammer postcards and a PowerPoint template.

internal communications branding


Employee engagement animation

Employee engagement agency

Our content creation team used custom motion graphics to instil unity among SPXFLOW's global team by encouraging employee engagement and highlighting how each individual contributes to collective goals. The animation was a success at all SPXFLOW'S global locations.



Email newsletter

email newsletter

An email newsletter that engaged staff to drive productivity thanks to clever and effective design and employee engagement ideas.



Newsletter design

Newsletter design

Following a rebrand and name change, Alere asked Parker Design to design a vehicle to help them launch the new brand in the UK. Wanting something more friendly and informal than a corporate brochure, our graphic design team's solution lay in an innovative newsletter design.