Employee guide

employee guide

An exciting employee guide far removed from the norm.


BrightHR likes to do things differently. They believe that fun and creating positive disruption are major contributors to employee and company success. Firm believers in allowing everyone to be themselves, they encourage their teams and customers to make their brand and product their own.


BrightHR asked us to design an employee guide far removed from the norm. The document would be used as an impactful internal communications tool to inform staff of plans around the launch of the company’s new brand and product at an industry exhibition.


We came up with a design that presented the information in one of the most visually engaging and fun ways: a graphic story.

“Emma’s Day” tells the story of the day of the launch from the point of view of our client’s identified persona – the ideal HR professional.employee guide

Following Emma’s journey, we see a demonstration of how the new brand should appeal to the client’s target audience and examples of how employees should interact with exhibition attendees.

The design helps our client present the information to staff in a relaxed and motivating way, generating enthusiasm for the new brand and ensuring engagement is consistent and strategic.employee guide

The employee guide also outlines each area of the brand launch, from external advertising to appropriate employee attire, by getting employees interested in Emma’s journey. The design approach doesn’t disappoint, as it delivers maximum engagement and fun from the first vignette.

“We were planning for a big launch of our new brand BrightHR, and I wanted a way to present our plan in a fun and informative way to the rest of the business. I was keen for it to not look corporate, dull and grey so it was great working with Mark and the guys at Parker Design to illustrate our plans in a comic format.

It worked really well internally and helped people visualise what the event would look like and what activity we were doing around the day to target Emma.”

Head of Brand Communications, BrightHR


Internal stakeholder communications

Internal stakeholder communications

With the workforce gradually returning to AstraZeneca sites, we developed a set of award-winning internal stakeholder communications collateral that helped generate awareness of the variety of Covid-19 PCR tests available.


Four Seasons Health Care

Employee engagement booklet design

employee engagement booklet design

A Pop Art comic-book format was the vehicle chosen to remind employees of the importance of complying with GDPR across Four Seasons Health Care homes. The bright and punchy visual style helped generate curiosity and intrigue.



Employee engagement brochure

Employee engagement brochure

We contributed to higher levels of employee engagement by empowering AstraZeneca's Global Engineering team to prioritise safety with a design that helped reduce accidents across its construction sites worldwide.