Digital marketing campaign

digital marketing campaign

We capitalised on the idea of ‘discovering opportunity’ with a digital marketing campaign designed to build product awareness and drive sales leads with tested and targeted content.


Sage, a market leader in accounting, payroll and payment systems, also offers financial support solutions. Sage Cover is a support product that allows SMEs to stay up to date with legislation, access automatic software updates and expert advice on the phone and online. The product allows SMEs to go straight to Sage for advice and updates, and helps reinforce the role of accountants as trusted business advisors to their customers, as well as providing additional incentives and revenue stream opportunities.


While Sage had a great relationship with financial professionals and business advisors in the industry, it needed to increase awareness about its range of Sage Cover products and drive product sales. Our digital marketing campaign needed to provide a targeted message that was persuasive enough to encourage the target market to take action and find out more about their options.


We devised a digital marketing campaign that capitalises on the essence of the solution offered by the product: support and peace of mind.

We worked with our client to offer something different and create real stand out. The look and feel is a departure from more sober and traditional finance marketing campaigns, and instead maximises the use of just two images that represent cover and support: an umbrella and a hammock.

With a simple yet effective creative idea full of colour, character and personality, the message is clear from the first view: “let our experts take the hassle away”.Digital marketing campaign

The deliverables include 4 emails, with the design and content evolving based on the results of each e-shot deployment. We tested a number of different variables: subject line, colourways, language style, amount of copy, lead image, calls to action (CTA) and their positioning, and order and prominence of messaging.

As part of the digital marketing campaign, we also produced a video animation, product literature banners, HTML5 animated ads, and social media tiles.

The resulting campaign was a success, and the client asked us to produce a second version for the Irish market.


Product launch animation

Product launch animation

We produced a versatile product launch animation that emphasises key customer benefits.


Thomson Reuters

Multi-channel marketing campaign

Multi-channel marketing campaign

We tapped into the complex psychology of hedge fund managers with an innovative multi-channel campaign. As a marketing agency that understands how digital stratetgy fits within an effective integrated marketing strategy, our solution helped generate an 81% uplift in monthly website traffic.


Smart Money Loans

Email marketing campaign

digital marketing agency

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we were able to help Smart Money Loans maximise click-through rates and generate new business leads with a mobile responsive email marketing campaign.