Corporate culture roller banners

corporate culture roller bannersINOVYN needed to educate employees on the strength of its corporate values, and as part of a Europe-wide engagement campaign, they asked us to create a set of pull-up banners that would help transmit the essence and importance of each of those values.


INOVYN, a leader in the production of vinyls for a wide range of industries, employs over 4,000 employees across marketing, sales and manufacturing divisions in eight European countries.


To create a suite of corporate culture roller banners that would help achieve an ambitious goal: to bring together employees from across INOVYN’s European locations under one common thread, driven by the strength of the corporate values, encouraging not just passive acceptance, but enthusiastic embracement, ownership and application to everything everyone – regardless of role or location – does, every day.


With limited space on the roller banner format, we kept the design simple to maximise effectiveness – strong people photographs encourage employees to immediately identify, whereas conceptual imagery helps evoke the essence and purpose of the company values.

Each value is presented through a powerful combination of prominent heading and hero image. To avoid distracting from the main message, the impact of the images is softened by a subtle layer of purple tones that feel almost fluid.corporate culture roller bannerscorporate culture roller bannerscorporate culture roller banners

The addition of energising iconography helps complete the message.corporate culture roller banners

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