Multilingual corporate culture posters

corporate culture posters

To help INOVYN communicate the company’s core values to employees in the UK and 6 other European locations, we designed a set of multilingual corporate culture posters that immediately engage, energise and inspire a sense of unity and common purpose.


INOVYN, a vinyls producer that ranks among the top three worldwide, employs over 4,300 staff across its manufacturing, marketing and sales operations in 8 European countries. With such a considerable operation, having a defined corporate culture that engages and helps deliver results is key for the success of the organisation.


Following a change in structure, INOVYN needed to communicate the core values that underpin the company’s success, and it needed to do it in a way that would unify employees under the strength of the company’s beliefs and behaviours, not only at UK sites, but also in other European countries.


As one of the leading elements in the engagement campaign, we designed a set of engaging posters, fully localised for teams across Europe.corporate culture posterscorporate culture posters

Visibility contributes to the effectiveness of the corporate culture posters – strategically placed in common areas with high footfall, employees can’t help but look, stop, read and absorb the message. The visual style acts as an immediate hook in the corporate environment.corporate culture posters

The corporate culture posters benefit from a simple yet highly effective style – engaging copy, playful icons, and images that help transmit the essence of the company values all contribute to the appeal of the materials, inspiring employees to embrace and own the values, and apply them to everything they do every day.corporate culture posters

The poster design is filled with strong photography that inspires reflection and collaboration.corporate culture posterscorporate culture posterscorporate culture posters

A soft layer of purple over the images serves as a subtle nod to INOVYN’s corporate branding. corporate culture posters


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