Multilingual web design

Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group (ITG) needed to provide a slightly reduced version of their main website in multiple languages. Their requirement was for easy to update multilingual web design that could be rolled out in several translations with good SEO and hosted in the respective countries.

Our solution centred around the WordPress content management system incorporating a totally bespoke theme built using CSS, PHP and HTML. The multilingual web design needed to mirror the main ITG website we had completed a few months earlier, but rather than being a predominantly static site, built on a .NET platform, these would be fully content managed and built in PHP.

The custom WordPress theme was built with multiple page templates and functionality to add all SEO, including image titles and alt tags, from within WordPress, whilst keeping the editable page content as simple as possible. Minimal styling or formatting of the content was required by the client from within WordPress, just plain text, images and any downloadable files – allowing the most effective method of producing the most trouble free updating experience for the client.

Produced in six languages – Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese – and consisting of approximately 24 pages per site, the WordPress multilingual web design has reached a large proportion of Ocean Spray’s overseas market.

View the French Ocean Spray ITG website.